Monday, May 28, 2007

No Trees Were Harmed...

I've been experimenting at work with an easier and faster way to do traditional animation and I think I've come up with a good option. The test above is an animation I did entirely on a Cintiq using Mirage. I think it looks pretty convincing as graphite. And plus, it was really easy and quick to do. Instant pencil testing. The "YouTube" version is obviously compressed, so here's a larger image so you can get a better look. No more paper. My flipping is done with the arrow keys now!


Tanith said...

super cute little animation! cintiqs are quite possibly the greatest thing ever. plus there's no more guilt with wasting paper. buy a cintiq = hug a tree.

katzenjammer studios said...

interesting. man you've gotten really "at one" with mirage. I still think its buggy and weird sometimes. but you've made it shine!
the test looks great man.